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Originally Posted by Excndez View Post
I'd like to join y'all if there is still room left on the mountain. I can contribute whatever for the after ride shin dig.

It's kind of confusing to me though. Is it Percoset in the morning or afternoon? followed with beer? and then Vicodin? or was it beer, Vicodin Percoset? Vicodin, beer, Percoset? holy gawd? We have to climb some hills im between all of this, and stuff a gnarly trail ride in somewhere as well. I'll need to go back and graduate kindergarten to figure this all out.

Shoot me a PM with details if you think I fit in with the cool kids crowd.

thks Ben
Ben, ur more than welcome to come
there will be sum hillclimbs and a gnarly trail ride for a warm up,up to the hillclimb!
so far i have 3 of us to lead different groups!!!
noob, boob and newbie!
i will pm u guys as the time draws closer!!!
now off to the greenhill for the weekend

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