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Originally Posted by viverrid View Post
Is it that much of an advantage to narrow the trailers?

OTOH people talk about the hazard of one trailer wheel hitting an obstruction and flipping the trailer. Wouldn't leaving it wider make it more stable in roll, making for a lesser risk of that peril?

Or will the argument be, it's not that much more stable if it's only 10% narrower. But then isn't it not that big an advantage to have it only 10% narrower? Which is it, significant or insignificant?

I really wasn't ever worried about the trailer flipping over. I read a lot about MC trailer towing and I don't remember it coming up.

The reason I put a longer tongue on my first trailer and plan to narrow the width of my second is because there is a formula for the tongue length based on the width of your axle.

By Narrowing it, you are saving weight on both the trailer and the tongue because the tongue can then be shorter.

I tried the first trailer stock and then added the longer tongue. It did tow better.
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