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Originally Posted by Lycan1 View Post
It (having a KLR) shows women that the guy riding it is 2 things; 1.) very secure in his masculinity, and 2.) saving lots money, that in turn he will have to spend on them.......

Really enjoying your report!!
1. Very true and they know it.

2. I think many are wise to our ways (they're usually smarter than they let on) and just know that we're not saving money, we're just not spending the money we don't have

Originally Posted by Pete_Tallahassee View Post
You Bastard.

You are having tooo much fun.
Is there such a thing?

Originally Posted by Sunday Rider View Post
Great pictures, I can almost feel the mist from the waterfalls.

You found new friends in your wonderful adventure, and new sites, I'd say you are in a Zona Fantastica.

Thanks for sharing your trip.
"Zona Fantastica", you nailed it! It's a pretty great place to be

Come on down!

Originally Posted by woodly1069 View Post
Napping...yeah right! Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

Cute blonde girls and lots of down time under a bridge...HA!
Okay... sorry to burst the fantasy bubble, but napping is just what it was

In the interest of full disclosure (in case of prying eyes) and at the risk of loosing readership I must confess that we are just friends who met along the way and are travelling together. I think I let your (and maybe my) imaginations run wild long enough... Maybe next time (one can hope)

Originally Posted by fourthree View Post
Now I'm very afraid to go there, afraid I'll never want to come home!
It's like you looked into my heart and saw the fear there

It's a real problem. Time is starting to run short. Only a little over two months left and I'm scheming for ways to stay longer. Probably will go back to work though until the next 6 month travel session next winter.

Originally Posted by drifter dave View Post
Don't miss Belize! There is a ton of cool stuff to see and do there. As was said before, just skip Belize City.
Please check my RR in the sig below to get some details...
I'll try my hardest to get there as it's a country I haven't been to yet. Might skip over a lot of Costa Rica to ensure that happens. Been hearing tons of great things about it from other travelers. Will mine your RR for info for sure.
Enthusiastically skeptical...
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