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A few years ago I was thinking about doing an Adventure business, with the dollar cheap abroad, I kinda gave up in frustration mainly because almost everyone I know is lazy so it wouldn't work. I was thinking about what you were saying SeaBee about bike racks etc. What about a bike Hostel? I could be wrong, but there are quite a few guys that come here even from Canada that would be okay with a bed room, kitchenette and a bath if the price were right the Euros might like it and the Canadians might see it as a way to go sans motor home. In any case the valley has some cheap places to do this, but what you think about modifying something like this? I don't think you would get guff, especially if there are people living there and buying things in town, I think they would be happy. The best thing is that the Small Business Admin loans up to $50k and you can LLC it so they don't take your undies if it fails. Just an idea, my head is filled with many of them...
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