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Originally Posted by Dogtown View Post
I'm on my 2nd.....I keep mine on a trickle charger/battery tender. Lots of guys that I respect on here love this batt but its the last one i will own. Just dont trust um 100%. Originally Shorai said the standard batt tender was fine but some guys on here say NO and if your running your big ktm with accesories the battery will not full charge while riding.

No Bueno!

Cheers and good luck
that depends on which battery tender ... what's critical is does battery tender terminate current after full charge is reached?

some battery tender will deliver a slow charge for long as charger is plugged in.

only use exact model and brand tender mfg recommends.

my recommendations is not to use a tender, unless your parasitic drain is higher than normal.

some tenders charge so slow, it could take several days to reach full charge. use a normal dumb automotive charger to charge your LiFePO4 batteries. then monitor voltage (14.6v max) and don't allow charger to remain on battery past overnight.

most LiFePO4 cell mfg (not battery mfg) will recommend a .5C to 1C charge rate during bulk stage. example: Shorai LFX 21 actual = 6 amp hour ... so 3A - 6A charge rate is preferred during bulk stage of charge. some battery tenders charge at 150-500 milliamps
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