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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Hey the Germans do that all the time ...

But ... let's suppose there is oil on the inside surface of the flywheel ..........
(in the "counter-bore" where the stator sits ... )
the clearance between the poles of the stator and the inner bore of the flywheel is only a few thousands of an inch .... I think...........

If that's true and the oil film is more than a few thousands of an inch thick then the ends up being "scraped off" and being flung around?

I don't know ... I'm just talking while .......
I'm just speculating too, but the design of this alternator is kind of interesting, the way the rotor is attached to the crank in a reversed way from what most alternators are, with the stator fixed to the inside of the outer crankcase cover.

This leads me to believe there's no oil feed to the unit aside from whatever might be in the side cover.

Of course, this design makes it extremely easy to replace the stator since unlike most designs, you don't need to pull the rotor first. A real advantage, in this case.

We'll probably buy another $100 stator to bring along on trips, since it's so easy to replace, and you can even do it at the side of the road if necessary, as some people already have.
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