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Originally Posted by DoWorkSon View Post
I would think with the upgrade of the cartridges to adjustable, you would eliminate the need for new springs since you can adjust everything to your weight/riding style. So stock springs might be ok with new cartridges.
As I understand supension

Adjusting to the load weight (you+gear+cargo) is done with spring rates (Preload just Precompresses the spring to increase ride height)

the Damping (shock absorbing) is where things are adjusted to your riding style (compression and rebound)

going off poor memory the Theoretical Ideal is 15% compression with just the weight of the bike and 30% with rider, commonly refered to as sag. Most of this applies to both ends of the bike.

On the F8 the forks have 230mm? travel so with the riders weight they should compress about 60mm

With the Stock springs (.55kg/mm) mine sagged about 80-90mm (almost 50%). With the springs Traxxion put in (.65kg/mm) the sag was textbook on the money.

IMHO fixing the damping without fixing the spring rate will just slow down the bottoming out.

It could be Gumbeaux happens to be the weight that the stock springs work for, when I got a quote for the Ohlins they wanted to know a lot of info so the suspension would be built to my specs (weight, cargo, riding style etc).

I realize most of us aren't looking for the "ideal" setup, but just one that works well for us, and that depends on many things.
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