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I took the stadium tour today. stunning facility. 1.2 billion dollars. that TV cost 40 million. that TV weighs more than a 747 full of people. there are 360 suites/luxury box's in the stadium. there are 3200 Sony HD flat screens in the stadium. the stadium is built around the 2 bananna shaped arches therefore no interior columns and all 80,000 seats have an unobstructed view of the field. when the roof is closed it's always 72 degrees. the stadium can withstand 150 mph winds. those arches are anchored to L shaped anchors that go 70 feet down and 100 feet further out. I assume concrete. there are 3 different playing surfaces that get rolled up in 5 yard swaths. 1 soccer, one college football, one pro football. tell me why you need 2 different football playing surfaces and win a secret prize.
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