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Last fall, I acquired my first motorcycle through my brother who has been a BMW mechanic for 50 years. He brought the bike down to me, to spend a few days riding and teaching me how to do the basic maintenance on the bike, and decided that we should replace and reroute some fuel line. We went to one of our two local motorcycle shops to buy the line. My brother first asked for so much fuel line, then as an afterthought, asked if the shop happened to carry a specific kind of line that he really likes. We would take whatever, but he prefers this line.

The owner/manager has no idea that my brother is a mechanic or owns his own shop, he does however know that I am just getting my first bike, need all the gear, and will need service for said bike in the future. This guy absolutely goes off when my bro asks about the specific fuel line. He starts a big rant about how we live in a small town here (about 6000 people) and you can't expect to just walk in and find some unheard of exotic fuel line. Where do you think you are? Denver?

We were both shocked. The guy was insanely rude. My brother informed him that 1) we were just asking, and 2) his shop is litterally in the middle of no where in a much more rural area than we live in. The nearest town has about 250 people in it, and he caries this line. It is nothing exotic. We leave, drive about 200 yards up the street to the other, competing, dealer in town. They are extremely polite and carry that kind of line in two variations.

I figure the guy must have been having a bad day, but that doesn't change the fact that I will NEVER EVER set foot in his shop again. I have been back to the second place a couple of times already for parts and service. This attitude isn't limited to motorcycle shops, but these are the same guys that continually gripe about how hard it is to stay in business in our little piece of paradise. Get a clue!!
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