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Wilson's B-B-Q, South Hill, VA - 2/15/2013

Went on a tag run into VA today and decided I'd try to find a barbecue place at random. Passed a sign for "Bone Suckerz", but the place had either been knocked down or burned down or something. The name had me a little scared anyway. Didn't know if it was a cutesy barbecue/ribs place or a East Coast version of a San Fransisco bath house...

Anyway, saw a place called Wilson's B-B-Q with a fairly full parking lot. It was about 4:15 and the sign said they didn't open until 5, but...

1224 W Danville St
South Hill, VA 23970
(434) 447-7440

Typically, I tend to think of VA barbecue places as restaurants that aren't necessarily dedicated barbecue joints, but something they just offer on the menu. This, although within a few miles of the NC border, was one of those places.

The entire menu:

Lots of tasty sounding stuff on the menu and if I make it back there on the proper day, I really want to try the "Blacken Pork Chops". But, this is a barbecue thread, so...

I ordered a "regular minced BBQ plate" for $6.99. Came with two sides. I ordered string beans and slaw.

Barbecue was pretty decent. Don't know if they do it there or not. I didn't check around back. Moist, fresh, decently seasoned. The slaw was good and obviously prepared onsite. Don't know why, but I prefer shredded to minced slaw. Some might call me a heretic for that, but it is what it is. This was very finely shredded and not at all overly sweet. Fresh and crisp. Very enjoyable. The string beans were done right. Cooked to within an inch of being something other than beans. Very easy to do them right from where I sit, but not enough folks outside the barbecue, southern home cooking places seem to have a clue.

Now, the hushpuppies. Someone that knows these folks needs to go in there and tell them that YOU JUST DO NOT MICROWAVE OLD HUSHPUPPIES. Good Lord, folks. Do the regulars not know? Inexcusable. Seriously. Even the most horrible little joint knows better. Say you've run out. It's Virginia, say you've only got rolls or something, but, damn!

Rant off

Their sauces were homemade in western NC style. Picked up a bottle and thought this looks like ketchup with a bunch of vinegar dumped in. And, wouldn't you know it...

This was actually the better of the two sauces and not nearly as bad as I might be making it sound. For a ketchup based sauce, it was pretty decently seasoned. Not my favorite, but certainly not bad. The "mild" sauce on the other hand was seasoned with something that would probably work better in fruit cake. Truly awful by any standard. They also had Texas Pete, etc.

Bottom line:
Some parts were better than I expected from a VA barbecue place - the barbecue and the sides - and some were worse. I would go back and try some other menu items without hesitation. Nice place for the most part. Good size. Plenty of parking. Decent service. Good south side Virginia riding in the area. Rural in every direction within a few miles.

Yelp review:
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