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Originally Posted by GalacticGS View Post
My 'puter's full of cookies. Sneak in that camera and take some great photos!
the stadium website says you can bring in a camera as long as the lens is less than 3 inches.

they told me today they measure.

luckily I brought my 50mm prime that thing is tiny so I can get the camera in.

tonight I was practicing walking around my hotel room with my 17-35 wide angle stuffed up my crotch nice and tight. it should work. that will take the killer shots with the crazy lights. I brought my 70-200 zoom but I don't think it's worth trying to get in. even if I did get it in (impossible) I was told there are people up in the dome who watch EVERYTHING. I don't want to get told to leave if they spotted the big lens.
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