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Sunday Jan 14:
Had breakfast this day at Orlandos. It was good. On Madero near Juarez it think. I'm drawin' a blank as to what transpired today on the road back to San Ignacio. We stopped at Bahia de Concepcion for sure 'cause I got a photo.

3 of 4 amigos that's me next to the Tiger, Jimmy and Brent

What I learned today is that San Ignacio and my hometown are a lot alike. You can't buy carryout beer on Sunday! Ok, that's where the similarities end. In San Ignacio we again stay at R&B but go down into town to eat. Buenos tacos de carne de cerdo para la cena. From a street vendor on the corner of the square.
Mission at San Ignacio

Monday Jan 15:
I remember this day well. We headed west for 45km and turned NE to San Francisco de la Sierra. This is worthwhile! About fifteen miles are paved. Tight when you get to the mountain. Then maybe ten more at most after it abruptly turns to "graded". This would be my first awe inspiring bad ass road in Baja! Dirt, bare rock, sand, gravel, some as big as watermelons, ruts and washouts. All hanging on the winding canyon walls. Rookie me made on street tires so I figure anyone can. Jimmy was overheard calling it Copper Canyon quality. That should mean something to a lot of you here. I make a big deal of this because Brent had rode past this road numerous times and did not realize what he was missing. I'm sure a lot of you have passed it up too. A great side trip that doesn't take a lot of time.

I took a lot of pictures with Brent's camera but I have never seen them.

Photos I robbed from Tom's facebook Tom

After SFdlS we head to Guerrero Negro where Jimmy get's to see Fausto. In '83 Jimmy's ridin' buddy crashed big time. While the guy was healing up, Fausto had pieced the bike back together.

When we leave GN it's go time. We will make the Bay of LA. When we turn onto Mex #12 it gets real good. Great pavement all the way. Great scenery and great smells. At Bay of LA we stay at Guillermo's on the water. At dinner I asked for whatever the cook thought was best. He was right on. Slept in a small room for the $ but it had a bed and hot water.
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