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Originally Posted by KLR650Teach View Post
fullmetalscooter, I have seen hundreds of Honda Cargo's in Mexico in the 125cc confinguration. When did they go to the 150cc engine? I get the impression it is just recently? And is it as durable as the old 125cc?

I have issues with the petroleum companies. Not that I cannot afford the gas, I just hate lining their pockets with profits at my and your expense. So fuel economy is paramont for me. The more MPG I can get, the more I can flip the bird at them.

Any idea if the CG125 does as well or better than the 125 Cargo for gas mileage? Seems I have read reports of 120 mpg for the Cargo in the 125 varient.

And here is a twist.

The Old Man on a Bike who rode a 125 Cargo to Ushuiah South America..............Oddly on the bikes side cover it said CG125. And this is on a Cargo 125. This is confusing because the Honda Tool is prefixed as the CGL125 Tool. Any chance the CG is in reference to the 125 engine?

Anyones insight here is appreciated. Thanks

The 150 came out a year or 2 ago as far as I know. I really don't know the rest I would guess around the same but using google to find honda motorcycle mexico and translate it to find the info. I thought of flying to mexico and riding one back but never did. 25cc should not make much a mpg diff. HOnda isn't like china shit so I don't see why it wouldn't be up to par. At worst the engine is something they designed 20 year ago or something like that . That just a guess. Often scooter and bike engines stay in production in other markets decades after they ve vashished here. If you making a scooter and have tooling for an engine you ll use it till the cows come home . Just brings down the production cost.
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