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Originally Posted by sstewart View Post
I ruined mine by trying to start when weak.
Li-ion batteries in general go from full power to NO power. the instant battery output goes down... STOP all drain! or risk over discharging/ruining your battery.

Originally Posted by SE Steve View Post
I bought one back in march 2012 and it died in November. I'm not impressed. I always felt it was going to leave me stranded. Riddle me this if it needs a special charger to charge completely how is the bike's electrical system going to charge it?
normal 12v charging system charges at 13.8 to 14.2v ... LiFePO4 fully charged at 14.6v ... so any working 12v charging system will charge just fine. so no special charging system are needed for LiFePO4 motorcycle batteries.

balancing is needed only on occasional basis to make sure all internal cells remain in balance. Earth-X has internal BMS that keeps cells balanced.

one of the most common problem with LiFePO4 batteries is mfg spec only enough AH for warm weather, with bike in perfect tune. actual amp hour are tiny with little to no reserve should engine need extra cranking and/or use of heated gear combined with short rides and cold weather.
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