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Oddometer: 165 has the #40 slow jets you're looking for. I just bought some and they did the trick. About $7 bucks each.

Originally Posted by JBMorse View Post
Spring is creeping up so I feel the need to get the Transalp tuned and ready to go any day now!

My bike has a poorly installed Supertrapp, stock filter, and seems quite loud. I believe the bike runs rich in general. There is a hefty deposit of black sooty crap at the end of the muffler on my turn signal and nearby parts and my mileage is right around 39-40mpg. So what I would like to do is tune the bike and maybe re-jet it so that it runs cleaner, quieter, and maybe even with better fuel economy. Part of this tuning will include a valve clearance check, new plugs, etc.

The exhaust questions first:

-The Supertrapp isn't well connected to the header pipe. I tried using the clamp that comes with the stock muffler to tighten the connection, but I still feel exhaust leaking out of that spot. Should there be a gasket at the muffler-head pipe connection? There is one in the parts fiche for the stock muffler.

-I am currently running 6 discs on the Supertrapp and am okay with that volume. Quieter would be even better. I think it probably needs a repack. What is a good source for packing material?

Carb Questions:

-I haven't torn into the carbs yet to see what's in there, but would folks like to suggest a baseline jetting setup for a Supertrapp and stock air filter? I find the bike to be powerful enough so I'm looking mostly for smooth running.

-I keep finding posts about these filters somewhere near the carbs that tend to vaporize into dust. I am almost certain this has happened on my bike, given its previous owners' care. I can't find these on the parts fiche, though? Does anybody have a part number?

-Where do I get the jets? The Honda parts diagrams only list stock sizes and I don't know enough about them to order otherwise.
Any other suggestions about carb maintenance while I'm in there?

Two unrelated questions:
Has anyone used Dirtskins in place of fork gaitors? Mine are rubbish and look terrible, so I was considering Dirtskins as a cheap alternative.

Also, I'm having trouble identifying footpegs people are using on their Transalps. I don't like the rubber covered stock ones but I also don't want to spend $165 for fancy Pivot Pegs. What other models use similar pegs?

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