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The Rally Raid : Mexico, 2013

Cast of characters.


The nephews.



A Rally Raid is a creature of our own design and definition. Simply put, it is a way of dual-sport riding. Highly enjoyable to a limited set of riders. It's kinda like if big bore dual-sport and sport-biking had a red-headed bastard child.

It is not serious enduro riding and there is no knee-dragging. In fact, if you ever see me drag a knee, just wait. My ass will soon be following. But it is what it is. We ain't gonna change.

This thread will not be political or deal with the socio-economics driving Mexico's problems. It will not try to preach, cajole, harangue, or persuade others to go. But if, after you do your own due diligence, Mexico is within your personal risk parameters .......then welcome. If not, well....there's some purty pictures to see but please try not to piss in my cheerios.

Oh, yeah. I am a Luddite so I will have to type a post from my ancient laptop then edit in the photos from my phone using tapatalk. It may be slow going.

Before starting, lots of good info came from here and some from the Mexico riders on Two Wheeled Texans. Thank you. And to Weazybuddha, our Edinburg ADV host, much gratitude for opening your home and garage to us. Come north sometime and let us repay your many kindnesses.

And so it begins.

RTB V- The Texas ADV Rally- Hurry before we fuck this up!
"If you can't fix it with a hammer you can damn sure teach it a lesson".

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