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Once everything was installed I started to clean the old gasket off the side case... what a pain in the ass that was. I went to auto zone for gasket remover (not sure if its a real product or not) but the guy directed me to carb cleaner and said that it will work... it didn't. I used a box cutter to cut a lot of the old gasket off. When I installed the new gasket, I used copper gasket spray and mounted it when it got tacky. After filling up the oil, cleaning up everything, installing all the parts I took off, I started the bike. Oil came pouring out of the top near the oil filter and all along the bottom.. I had to take everything apart again and clean the gasket surface again. I will admit that I didn't do a good job the first time around.


To remove the old gasket, I used a 220 grit sandpaper and my rotating sander. I did not apply any pressure, and just used the weight of the sander to cut up the old gasket. when the surface was clean, i sprayed some more copper spray and tried again (this time not putting the bike together first, in case I had another issue). No problems at all. I am dreading removing the paper base gasket off my cylinder, but its gonna have to be done right.
To remove gaskets, I recommend 3M yellow Roloc bristle brushes. These fit on a drill or die grinder and make short work of gaskets, without harming the case itself. I used them when I installed a kick starter kit on my XT225, and they worked amazingly well, literally removing all the gasket and leaving a polished surface in less than 5 minutes. You will need the brush and holder to fit the drill. Yellow is the proper grit for aluminum cases. They come in different sizes, I found the 2" worked well.
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