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Originally Posted by allstateclub View Post
I've still got my 1982 XV920RJ that I bought as a leftover in 1984 for $1699 + tax. Let my son have it for a while and it got painted - not to happy about that. I replaced the crappy painted pieces with some original '81 red bodywork and had the bike completely gone over by my local Yamaha dealer last fall. The bike has over 50k on it and still sports the original chain. It now resides in my garage until the spring when it will be getting lots more attention than in the recent past. The bike has been to Alaska (from Ohio) and back, all over the mid-west and I took my road-racing course on it in 1990 - never dragged an exhaust pipe 'til that day! It's a great bike that will become my daily ride once again.

Great bike history !
Good that it's back with you again. I have 35,000 miles on my chain and am thinking of replaceing it as preventative maintainance. Are you going to continue with the original one ? For how long ?
Getting 100,000 miles from it will be a good story, going 99,000 and haveing it punch through your cases will not.Do you feel lucky ?
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