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Originally Posted by Unstable Rider View Post
Great original post brother. Glad the pilot is ok, right?

Very neat project on a great bike. The end result will be something you know more about than you might have ever cared to, but there will be more attachment and appreciation for the beast as a result, me thinks

Remember, safety first, wear protection & keep us updated.....
Thx, bro. My son was riding to work on a 25 degree morning. On a curve, he low sided. The bike skid and hit a curb which threw it upright into a tree. He was geared up except for jeans which afforded a small scrape on his left knee. He is fine.

I did this post because I was looking for such a post and couldn't find one. I hope that in the future someone faced with a similar decision can learn.

Yes..major benefits to rebuilding your own bike. Ill talk about this in a concluding post where I highlight finances, total parts list and learnings.
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