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Originally Posted by jwnsc View Post
Are the self-adhesive 80mm Lamin-X covers with the 20mil thick clear Vinyl still available?

Any particular reason for offering the metal grid? It reminds me of the one I had on my Uly headlight - great for "asteroids," not so much for "meteors!"

Were there many breakages or other problems with the Lamin-X covers

An email sent regarding questions on an order. Will also PM.
Yes, the vinyl protectors ( actually now 40 ml ) are still an option and they have been very effective. We have been asked many times for a grill option and I think it's very much a 'looks' thing and you are quite right, a small stone can find it's way through and still hit the glass lens, but a large stone might defeat the vinyl protectors.

So, my view is that the vinyl protectors still do the job well and the rock guard is a visual addition. To give you some idea of the feedback, there are now 40 Lynx's on order and all but 2 have ordered the rock guards.

Cheers Ian
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