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ewaugh--I wish I had pictures of, oh, I don't know--all the fingernails I've had to remove with pliers?--to elevate your estimation beyond just lunch time stories. (Hmmm...I think I might have some toe-nail pulling vids....let me check on that). I'll consider uploading some other gory injuries I managed to take pics of before going to the hospital, but I really can't compete with professionals now....just happy to be alive!
In all fairness most of my injuries haven't gone much deeper than skin. I am dealing with some tendinitis in the shoulder right now but that's different. Most of the stuff I've seen has not happened to me. The best one was the guy that had a dog bite on his sack. There was a jar a peanut butter involved but they guy would admit to nothing. Life can be...interesting sometimes.

The moral of the story...don't do anything you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics. This includes statements that begin with "hold my beer," and "hey yall, watch this!"
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