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Originally Posted by vtbob View Post
Just had another thought

We've been complaining about BMW only selling the upgrade stator with an new rotor/flywheel for $900.
Has any one on this site looked closely and the new rotor/flywheel? Have that added any "fins" or other devices on in to improve air flow/circulation / cooling.

If there is maybe that is why they only sell as a pair?
I don't think there are any fins, but just ventilation .....
Here's an exploded view:

and here's a pretty good set of pictures:

There is an oil outlet on the very bottom of the engine casting ...

Q1: How does oil ENTER the right side engine area?

Q2: What is the purpose of the big round "hole" at the top of the casting at about 11 o'clock here...
It just seems to be an open cavity in the side cover???

Just looking at the flywheel, it is such a tight fit in the housing,
that I think the outside surface of the flywheel must be touching or slightly submerged in the oil at the bottom of the housing .. ...

I'm going to re-suggest a dumb idea I had about 35 pages back...
What if you drilled some holes thru the rim of the flywheel that were not quite "radially" drilled but had a slight leading angle and were countersunk on the outside surface of the flywheel ...

As the flywheel spins perhaps some oil would flow up thru the holes into the stator cavity offering some cooling as it got slung around?
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