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02/07/2013 – Running the river to Yaxchilan.

It was really nice to have a relaxed morning, just drinking some coffee and reading a book for a bit. Sometimes even though I'm on vacation, it's hard to find down time. It seems like I'm always busy going somewhere or doing something or planning what to do next. I've downloaded several movies and I'm two issues behind in “The Walking Dead” comic series, but I can't seem to find the time for them. This morning I found some time (although I still didn't read the comics or watch the movies).

Late morning we finally got going to the boats that took us to the ruins. After some tough negotiations we managed to get a good deal (500 pesos, still the most expensive ruins) on boat travel there, two hours at the ruins (which is not enough time, but for some reason is the standard amount of time given) and the return trip. I (and by “I” I mean Laura as she speaks Spanish well) also asked around about taking the bike on the boat north to Bethel for the border crossing. We got a really good deal on that too without even much haggling (300 pesos for us and the bike).

The boat trip down stream took about 40 minutes. The day was nice and the scenery was beautiful. The river was really high and a dark brown color, but I imagine if it was lower and there were beaches, I could have seen some crocs sunning themselves (maybe?).

Here's looking at you, kids..


Captain my captain.

I don't take enough pictures of people...

We spent the two hours at the ruins diligently exploring and trying to see as much as possible. I think three hours is a more realistic time frame for getting the complete picture of this place. We did see howler monkeys and managed to at least get a cursory look at all three main areas. One interesting feature of these ruins I didn't see at many others (aside from being on the bank of a river) is the extensive network of tunnels that we were able to explore. Apparently they are home to the smallest species of bat on earth (according to a guide I overheard). The tunnels are also home to rather large spiders and other creepy crawlers.

Yaxchilan Ruinas.

Howler monkeys, yay.

And more ruins...

Smallest bat ever?

This guy is >18 in. (with legs)...

Ball court.

Giant tree.

Okay enough ruins pictures already...

The trip back from the ruins was pretty and took less time than expected. Overall it was a great experience and I'm glad we took a day to do some exploring. When we got back to Frontera Corozal we rode around town looking for a nice local place to have our last dinner in Mexico. After exploring town for a bit, getting various directions to places that didn't exist and attempting to eat at places that were closed, we finally found a restaurant that suited our needs. It was advertised as a restaurant outside, but what we found once we went in was a house with a family watching television. We sat at their dinner table and had a delicious home cooked meal. What a great way to say Adios to Mexico.

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