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Making a little progress...

.....slowly. And I've actually been trying, it's just that re-wiring is slow work, and the way I'm doing it is even slower. I can't seem to do much with the original wiring diagrams unless I redraw them so I'm sure I understand. Plus, I'm changing a few things, even from the way I had it before, not to mention the new wiring harness, and replacing all the molex connectors. When I get all done and know everything is right, if anyone wants a cc of my wiring dia's, just pm me. So here's the new shinier headlight bucket, all new molex connectors, and they all latch now (thanks mostly to Greg Bender).

The 5 terminal relay will run the lights Hi and Lo, and the smaller one will run the LED running lights I'm thinking I'll mount on the crashbars. Greg had a good idea, to run a new wire thru the main harness, changing the starter relay to a 5 terminal, and running the light relay coils off the NC contacts of the starter relay. That way they're on with the ignition switch, but off whenever the starter relay is energized. I have had some interesting times with the Molex connector pins. The male pins are no problem, the tool(s) I bought remove them just fine and they can be reinstalled in the new connectors no problem. The female pins are another story.

Not a very good picture, but if you look closely at the top third of this teminal, you can almost see that the tool bent the latching tab almost double when I took it out of the old connector. This happened to nearly every female contact I tried to remove. Luckily they're not that hard to replace with new contacts, and I have plenty as a result of trying to buy latching connectors that weren't really latching. Not sure what I should be doing different, and at this point, I'm fairly happy to just cut the old ones off and replace them anew. I think I bought three different Molex pin installing tools, and none of them really worked well for the females....Of course, I broke one last summer, so I don't remember if it worked any better. The only remaining molex I need to deal with is on the end of the main wiring harness, and it needs replacing because (big surprise) it isn't the proper latching connector. Once I do that, I'm ready to start installing the main harness. There will need to be a fair amount of custom connections at the back due to the 5 terminal starter relay, the non std fuse box (not sure what bike it came from, but I got it at my friendly Japanese MC junkyard). And the rear brake hyperlights. Wiring is slow, not very exciting in pix, but it's pretty important to get it right with good solid connections, good gnds to the frame, and hopefully no abused insulation in any of the tight spaces. More when I have more to ask. roy
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