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Few more things done on the build...

Well, it was a nice day outside but I was able to stay focused on the bike and get a few more things knocked out on the bike. A friend of mine had told me about a company called Highway Dirt Bikes and their handle bar guards. The pair were only $149 and $24/mirror. What I like most about these is the mirrors hide away when you are off road or going through brush and don't want to risk smacking your mirrors. Their customer service is incredible. When I ordered the "build your own set", if you don't call them before you will be sent bars that are a tad short for the TA. When I sent them a note asking if they could help, a second package showed up on my door step with new bars that were longer and a great fit (no cost!).

What makes these really nice is the top place has the bars attached to the bike rather then the handle bar themselves. Also, you get two sets of wind guards (one black and one white).

Here you can see how the mirrors open and store away.

Here is an underside shot so you can see the bar.

Here is the LiMaCap-2 I was able to order. Sorry the image is so off. What a nice easy mod.

One of the things I was able to purchase as a set was an XR450 plastics. This is the Acerbis high mount fender that came with everything. Ebay find ($25.00)!

Couple more things to show, I upgraded my OEM brake line to a braided steel. You may wonder why I went with a straight connection ended up giving me cleaner install and it placed the brake line in the position I wanted for directional control and positioning.

With all the peg discussion above, here are the IMS pegs I went:

This was a bit of fun to make. I have always been dissatisfied with OEM kickstands and while I had considered welding an extension on my OEM stand...but, I have been making billet kickstands for a number of years for sport here is the TA version:

To close out today's post, this is my Supertrapp installed. Wow, talk about being caked with carbon. I ended up power brushing all of the 8 plates and to add a little bit of performance while maintaining the spark arrester set-up. I placed a small lock washer between each of the plates. When I first got the bike, I noticed that the exhaust was very restricted as the plates were almost touching thus restricting the exhaust more than I would like.

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