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Originally Posted by Callisto224 View Post
I'm not sure about a 2001 1150 but on a 1200GS NEVER use tie down straps on the handlebars, you will bend them. I would guess that the 1150 is the same. Like LaurelPerryOnLand already mentioned, visit these links to properly tie down your bike.


Thanks for pointing out the BMW tiedown site. I looked through the instructions. I'd have to say with my bikes anyways, I will reject most of their thoughts. Only because they are tieing it much to low on the bike itself. To prevent top end sway of the machine [especially the comparitevely tall GS series of machine] I always tie it to a high mark on the bike. Tire height is unacceptable for me.
As for tieing to the handlebars, I will listen to your thoughts on this one, it's a good one. I have been tieing down bikes by either the top triple tree, or the part of the handlebar right at the top clamp. But if you say the BMW GS/GSA handlebar is soft, I'm listening. I will continue to tie the front of the bike to a part of the triple clamp rather than the frame. Eliminating the tire from moving from it's front straight ahead location is paramount to retaining the rigidness of the tiedowns.
I regularly truck my bikes down to southern Cal during the winter,,,,never had an issue. A few years ago, 6 of us had our bikes tied down in a 18 ft trailer. The guy who was driving fucked up seriously [let her run away going down a hill on Interstate 5 in southern Oregon] and the truck/trailer went into a serious speed wobble which got worse and worse. The trailer ended up side slapping both sides of the truck, before running off the road in front of the still attached truck. Once we cleared everyone as being ok, We went to check on the bikes, which ended up gang piling each other in a mass of wheels, engines, and crunched plastic. The one thing that was not damaged or bent at all were the tie down straps or the handlebars. The hook pins that were bolted to the floor around the frame of the trailer had ripped right out, or the hooks of the tie downs had bent open enough to let go of the floor hooks before almost springing back to their original shape. The only handlebar that bent were the ones on the Ducati Elephant 900 that had aluminium bars from what I remember.
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