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Originally Posted by FireDog45 View Post
Anyway, back to the this post...

1) I've read in various places where people have suggested different shortcuts and how to use them. Is there someplace where these have been consolidated? I remember something about a drop box that someone was maintaining but haven't been able to relocate it. Maybe a Montana Shortcut Thread like the Knowledge Base thread...?

2) Routable topo maps: Does this mean that BC or Montana will use trails when routing? Having never used topo maps before this may be a really stupid question so forgive me. I've looked at the OSM topo map and there doesn't appear to be any additional "roads" so I'm not sure what "routable" means here.

Initially the Montana seems way over my head but I'll keep plugging along. Thanks to all who have helped out in this thread!
I am the current Dropbox owner, having been asked by DRTBYK to watch over it while he's away. I can invite you if you PM me your email address.

Don't expect a Shortcut repository though. They are easy to create so the sooner you try, the sooner you'll have a set built to suit your own gps. There are many variables with Shortcuts which, to me anyway, mean that they are unique to the gps they are created on. I describe the process of creating Shortcuts in the Wisdom and FAQ thread listed in my sig.

You're right, the Montana can seem complicated, but just use it, and you'll see it doesn't take too much time to figure out the basics.
Want to know more about the Garmin Montana? See the Wisdom and FAQ Thread.
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