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Part 2

Okay, so back to where I left off…

After getting the old piston off I took a quick break and got back to work. I felt accomplished that I got this far, but I still had (what I believed) was the hardest parts coming up. I mounted the new piston. I put the rings on days earlier, while staring at its beauty. I also installed one of the circlips. I used plenty of oil and installed the wrist pin and the final circlips. Those little bastards were tough to get on, but I managed.

Next was to get the cylinder on. I was trying to do this earlier in the week without oil, just to see how tough it might be once the piston is in place on the bike. It was pretty hard just to get that first ring in, but I didn’t push it too hard, because of the lack of oil. Once on the bike it would have been great to have a helper. The crank wanted to keep spinning as I pushed the cylinder on, and it was cause the timing chain to bunch up. I also had to put the gasket on, and the copper spray I has used was slightly wet and tacky, sticking to everything. I ended up getting some scrap wood and used it to keep the piston from going down.

Once I had oil on the cylinder and piston it slid in pretty good; tight of course, as it should be. The final oil ring popped a little bit out right before I got it in, so I had to pull the cylinder up a bit and then back down. Once completely in, I used a lot of force with my hands, and a mallet to get the base of the cylinder to meet with the top of the bottom end of the engine. This whole process was scaring the crap out of me. I thought it all would be going smoother, and I didn’t think it would be this tight, surely something was wrong.

I installed the head gasket and head, again careful not to drop the timing chain. Remember, everything was covered in oil, It was 40*F in the garage when all this was taking place, and I needed thin gloves to stay warm, but HATE working with gloves (old under armor gloves aren’t that bad, but still an added layer between me and the project at hand…Pun intended). I was working very slow and double checking everything to make sure that chain wouldn’t slip. I bolted the head down to 29 ft lbs as procycle’s directions said. I also oiled the bolts like he said as well.

The long head bolts, dipping in fresh oil:

Mess in the garage:


When the head was finally bolted up, I took the opportunity to try and turn the crank to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. The crank turned and of course the piston moved up and down! Next was getting the engine to top dead center (TDC) as per the method in the manual. I turned the crank till the little “T” was visible in the window. Now I went to the manual to see what it says about timing. Pretty basic: Engine at TDC sit the cam in the head with the lines parallel to the top of the head, and the pin (holds the gear on the cam to the cam along with the bolts) at the 3 o’clock position. Put the timing chain on without moving the piston from TDC. Once on, I put the first bolt in, and then spun the engine to put the second. Procycle supplies the metal locking tab that covers the pin from falling out. Installed the new one, torqued the bolts, bend the tabs, and hoped all was well.

Parts pile is getting smaller:

I installed the head cover next, and followed the manual with regards to which order the bolts go in. I then installed all the rest of the parts; oil lines, oil cooler, header, carb, air box, oil cooler guard, and cam chain tensioner.

The chain tensioner wasn't as much of a pain as I've heard. Just pull the bolt on the outside, use a small screw driver to hold the Mechanism back, and then hold it off with one hand and inserted into the cylinder. Once it's in use your other hand to put Hex bolts and then let go.

Good as new!

I put a piece of clean white paper under the engine to check for leaks:

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