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So as I mentioned all of Ecuador is in a water ballon and foam fight. It is due to a religious celebration that I havent totally figured out but I am loving it. No one is safe and all you can do is embrace it. Kids spray us with foam as we are driving by them and throw water balloons at us. Mihai and I got cans of foam for self defense.

As we are driving kids pop up from the beds of pick ups and out of car windows to get us. It is hilarious. While I was driving I saw 3 little kids dump a bucket of water off a second story roof onto a guy that looked like e had just left his office from work. He just looked up and laughed. Also saw two younger guys waiting for a bus and a pick up drove by and nailed both of them with water balloons and foam. It was awesome. So all we could do is join them.

Some of the kids were fast so I had to get Wim

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These girls were in an all out war!

I held Mihai while the girls totally covered him in foam and some egg stuff. I think Pawel has the pictures.

These kids were covered in some black chalk/paint. It is also part of the celebration.

and a giant piece of fried dough to cap off the night.

And the sights of Quito.

Inside the above church. The detail is amazing

More on Quito...
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