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Wow, its all over! I have just run out of time. I never did get to ride, but I did get to speak to a few riders (most from the north island interestingly). I was hoping to get at least a half day on a bike, but decided to do a run up to picton instead which ended any chance of riding. Wife is happy though, so life cant be so bad!

You south islanders really do have some wonderful riding country and I question if you could ever find any better road riding in Aus. I am already making plans to come back and ride, and I cant wait. Might try and snare 2-3 weeks next year, but going to try and sneak in for a long weekend (4 day) ride later this year.

Like I said, the luxury of not having to be paranoid about roo's and wombats etc. is fantastic. We do get the livestock on the road here in Aus too, but at least most of it is fenced in NZ. I certainly could not do a 3200km ride and not get a fright from a roo or a cow in Aus. Best I saw was 2 goats on queen charlotte road into picton (hell road in a motorhome!!)

Thanks again for those who made offers, I will make a point of trying to catch up next time I am here.
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