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After cleaning the garage, letting the bike idle at various RPM’s and installing everything else, it was time to ride. As I got on the bike, I was nervous about how this was going to feel. I pulled out of my driveway and just stayed on some local back roads. At first, it completely felt the same, no difference at all from the 650. I was thinking holy crap, did I just waste all that money to have the same bike!?!?! The only difference was a shutter when downshifting that went away after a few minutes. Maybe it was caused by the new clutch. Speaking of the clutch, the Barnett clutch is friggin tight! Harder pull (might be bad in traffic) but it picks up way faster than the stocker.

Back to the engine: I got on a straight stretch and opened the throttle up to 5000rpm and held on… Holy torque Batman! Before I knew it I was doing 60, and had to brake. Since everything felt okay, I jumped on a local highway. My current gearing is 17-42. Usually at 74 mph, I’m at 4700 rpm. Now at 74 mph I’m at 4400 rpm. Nice decrease. Also has plenty of power to get away and it feels like it can just keep pulling. I didn't go faster than 76 and didn't want to push the rpm too high. I did plenty of down shifting.

Now the sound… the sound is incredible. With the hayabusa muffler and the wrap, all the sound is this deep growling thump. I’ve never hear anything like it. I want to ride just to hear that sound again... Simply amazing!

At one point I road through a wet patch before a turn (all that snow is finally melting) and I twisted the throttle as I normally after a turn. The rear wheel just started to spin and wouldn't grab. I can tell this is going to be a fun bike. I’m excited to go 2-up and see what that’s like. Once the break in is over, I’ll feel better about pushing it harder.

When I got home, my father told me job well down (he wasn't fully on-board with the idea of breaking open a good stock bike). He then asked what I’m going to do next. “Ride, lots of riding” I am planning a trip to Toronto to see family, and I have no doubts this bike can handle it.

Stay tuned… I’m going to keep riding it and reporting back here about anything I find. My next thing is to see how back my mileage suffered. I hope it didn’t drop below 45mpg. I also will be returning my cylinder back to procycle to get my core charge back. My bank account misses that $500 lol.
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