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Originally Posted by road_apple View Post
I amazed that more people don't do big bore projects like this. It's something that is doable by most with planning and attention. Big bore forged lighter weight pistons in an older thumper that's bulletproof to begin with. Cheaper than a new bike, gives you karma, confidence, and more the bike you want. You did a great service for those on the fence with the video.
Thank you. I haven't seen any installation guides and I'm sure meany people want to get this kit but aren't sure what it is going to take to do. I love my DR, and I'm sure its going to be in the garage for a very long time.

Originally Posted by VooDooDaddy View Post
Great job Mr. Planemanx.

I was on-the-fence about the 790 kit. Not anymore. I'm going to get this kit sent my way, post-haste. Have you had a chance to ride it yet? Impressions?

Did you have to let it high-idle for several minutes to get the cam to bed in? Gonna do the motoman break-in? How did you get the timing set after re-installing everything?


I didn't replace the cam, so I don't know if it has to bed in at all. Check out one of the above posts about the timing. Like you said to me, it was not difficult at all . I'm going to do a modified motoman break-in. basically the same thing, but not as rough. I did a lot of down shifting to put pressure on the rings. During the first few times doing it, i felt a strange shake, not sure what that was, but it went away after a few minutes. Could be the clutch, could be the engine about to explode .

Originally Posted by Speedo66 View Post
To remove gaskets, I recommend 3M yellow Roloc bristle brushes. These fit on a drill or die grinder and make short work of gaskets, without harming the case itself. I used them when I installed a kick starter kit on my XT225, and they worked amazingly well, literally removing all the gasket and leaving a polished surface in less than 5 minutes. You will need the brush and holder to fit the drill. Yellow is the proper grit for aluminum cases. They come in different sizes, I found the 2" worked well.
Thanks for the tip, I'll keep this in mind should I do this again. A friend of mine is thinking about getting a DR over the summer and converting it.

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