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Originally Posted by Lc8grrr View Post
Lots of complicated fixes on here. Ive had my 950 from new, now at 75,000k and had the clutch drag and grabiness for a long time. Read some info on here from someone clued on (can't remember who) that suggested to look at the steels in the clutch assembly. Sure enough a few of them were in wrong. They are stamped when made which will give a sharp edge and a smooth edge, that is what the stamping process does. The manual says that all of the sharp edges need to be facing the same way. Pulled it appart, reassembled correctly and clutch fixed. This is with a groove in the last steel from the bellevelle spring that I didnt shift to a new location.
I knew about facing the steels the right way. Just thought I would add that after roughing up my steels the other day, the clutch felt much better. I have just got back from a 300 km ride mostly lower speed tracks, and it still feels good. No creep and a slight blip at stop to get N.
Discussing this with a mate, who is a mech, he thinks that perhaps the steels are slightly warped. It is worth a check. I might pull mine and using a flat bit of glass etc check for warp.
BTW I use full syth Motorex
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