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Transfer routes from PC to Peaklife

This took me a while to get right so I thought I would pass it on. I am running Igo Primo. You can plan a route in Google Earth, Google Maps or Tyre and save as a KML file. Connect the Peaklife by USB cable to the PC and wait for it to be recognised. My device shows up as 2 separate drives in Windows Explorer - one is the main memory of the device and one is the SD card. On my machine the main device is identified as TFAT - this is where the routes need to be stored. Go to \content\userdata\route and paste the KML in here. Unplug the GPS and restart Igo Primo. Click on My Rote then choose More then the down button and click Load Route.

The naming of the route is taken from the first waypoint ie it ignores what you called the file. This may make choosing the correct route less than obvious if you have a lot of routes. If it is a problem you can open the KML file in a text editor and change the name of the first waypoint.

There is a lot of conflicting advice on the net about where the KML should go - it may depend which version of Igo you are running. The above works for me.


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