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Originally Posted by Rob.G View Post
Great write-up!!!! Thank you very much! Now I'm wishing my own bank account had the funds in it RIGHT NOW to order a kit. :)

A few questions... given 29k miles on your bike, did you replace the head bolts? I'm guessing you did NOT replace the timing chain? I have 25k on mine and figure I'll have closer to 30k before I open it up for my 790 kit, and had been planning on replacing those parts as a precaution. I wonder how necessary it is. I know on car motors, it's considered standard practice to replace the head bolts whenever you remove them.

'Course I'm also (tentatively) planning to pull my motor and split the case and check out the transmission, replace all the bearings, and consider the billet 3rd gear if I can spare another $500. I'll have to wait and see how yours holds up. :)

Anyway, great job, and we sure do appreciate the write-up and photos!

If my third gear goes, I'll eventually get another motor when the time comes and replace this. Ill move the kit over to that engine should it not be destroyed . I don't think I'll have a problem though. (Fingers crossed). I didn't even think to replace the head bolts or timing chain. They looked alright, but maybe I should have...

Originally Posted by doug s. View Post
nice! congrats!

but, i don't understand why the rpms would not be exactly the same if you didn't change gearing. if you were at 4700rpms at 74mph before, changing the engine displacement alone shouldn't affect that... you should still be at 4700rpms at 74mph...

doug s.
Even though the gearing is the same, the bigger engine works less to obtain that speed. At least that's my theory
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