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Originally Posted by planemanx15 View Post
I didn't replace the cam, so I don't know if it has to bed in at all...
Yeah, sorry 'bout that. Sometimes my reading comprehension ain't too good. I was thinking about doing the big bore and the stage 2 cam, but I think I'll just do like you and do the 790 kit first, and then maybe sometime this summer swap out the cam.

Couple questions: Why did you change the placement of the carb needle. I know you mentioned your carb was set pretty lean; did you guess at that change or did PC recommend a different setting. I've got jetted stock carb and open airbox, and my bike runs great. I'm just trying to anticipate if I should plan on making some jetting changes ahead of time?

Are you running a stock or over-size header? From the pix it looks like a stocker.

The only thing different I plan to do on my build up is to do a base-line dyno run of what I have now, and then another dyno run after to see the difference each modifications makes. There is a dealership with a dyno 7 miles from my house. They also use an exhaust gas analyser, so I can see if I need to make some carb/jetting changes as well.

Thanks again, you pushed me over the edge on this one....
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