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site glass for the R1100GS and R1150GS Are approx $32 us and $50-70 CDN.

if this the same for both 1100gs & 1150gs, site glass for the R1100GS and R1150GS is approx $32 us and $50-70 CDN.
it is a real ripoff up here in Canada on a lot of MC parts.

Is there not a way one could create an oil sealable/lockable dipstick that would mount in a location, like the site glass, that could be a better option? given all the fancy dancing, correct warming, center stand balancing, etc that one is supposed to go through so that you get an "accurate" reading is very strange. BMW's huge research team could have come up with something a little more predictable and advanced. Maybe we just need a set of 3 weep ports drilled in the sight glass. if the oil runs out of the top hole, it's too full. if it dosen't run out of the bottom holl, it's too low. Hmm, what is the middle hole for?
Well, maybe we need only two check holes.

BTW, if you are waiting for the oil to drain down, I have found a great webste/service for those of us that like to be kept up on the latest mc racing news, or Rick Steve's hints on where to stay on our next trip to Europe for that long awaited bike trip! Check out! It is a service that lets you follow events and get replays of channels like Speed, PBS, Netflix, bbc, and a whole lot more in many parts of the world that would normally be only available in the USA.
Especially good for those of us Up North while we are awaiting weather warm enough or at least less icy so that we can get back on the road with our favorite set of wheels! My R1100gs has some new Heidenaus that need to be scrubbed up!

Any othe site glass options out there that anyone has tried?

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