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Heading South

Originally Posted by biggus View Post
Fantastic trip report Steve. Glad you took the time to show your friends on the big bikes the trail.

I am looking to get over to Southern Laos in the next few weeks and does some poking around. Maybe run into you on the trail.

Hey Jim it was a pleasure to ride the trail with the Singapore four, when the called to say there where in Laos and wanted a meet point I was damn happy.......and they really have some balls to give the trail a crack on those monsters. They just got on with and laughed the whole way....

I'm heading back to the Ho Chi Minh Trail near the end of the month and plan to stay for a least a month poking around and seeing more war stuff, I found some real old maps of the trails and am going to have a look...will you be coming in Pakse way? I'm all ways up for riding with some one sharing the good stuff is even more fun... A break from riding alone will be most welcome...

I'm trying to finish the report so far but had a night out last night in a Little Village in a valley, drunk lots of the home made brew and enjoyed some Laos hospitality which was wonderful I nearly had a tear in my eye at one point when I saw how these people live and how they take care of each other....I have had day after of great things happening, teaching at the school is a privilege.....

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