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Oooh. Here's a topic for us. How many of y'all have experienced what I have come to call mountain fever? I got it day 3 of this trip. Came on in the afternoon and stayed with me to Tolantongo. Very debilitating. Gone by the next morning. I have had it before and it can happen on paved or dirt but I know it has something to do with heights. You just suddenly and without warning loose your equilibrium....or something..... and get this feeling that there is a giant magnet on the cliff side of the road trying to suck your bike over the edge. Takes forever to get over it if you try to ride through it but then it is gone and you are back to just normal blood curdling appropriate fear levels.

I've had it on The Devil's Backbone in Utah. Before I got across that tightrope I had decreased in speed from 80 to 10 and I still wanted to be crawling on my belly. A buddy of mine regularly gets it on The Black Canyon of the Gunnison but only traveling north to south. You just want a helicopter to pick you up and get you off the mountain.

It will flat-ass slow you to a crawl. I wouldn't have cared if there was a rock the size of a washing machine in front of me on the Rick's ditch side, I wasn't going over to the cliff-side rut. lol
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