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Originally Posted by fraser2312 View Post
Good luck with the test Matt, do you plan to change your bike when you pass?
Thanks mate. Yeah I bought a new one at the tail end of last year. Had my eye on a whole load of bikes then this one came up at a price I couldn't say no to.

Honda Deauville: Planet Trekker SE.

Ok it might be lacking in the off-road column but it's more or less ideal for me just now. Fast enough (it'll get me up hills at the speed limit) and comfortable. Longer trips for me are a must and this'll facilitate that.

Originally Posted by KMC1 View Post
What a fantastic thread!

I did a trip around Scotland several years back, and was able to see a fair bit of the country. It was fantastic to see your pictures and be reminded how beautiful it is there.
Glad you're enjoying it. Also glad to hear to enjoyed our wee country.

Originally Posted by KHVol View Post
Terrific pics and ride report..many I have to go there..
All are welcome! The weather is starting to pick up again. It's sunny today and supposedly tomorrow as well and 3 days ago it was nice for a while too. That's practically a summer here!

Originally Posted by trackrider View Post
Hey fella cracking thread going here ,, have you passed your test yet ?? .. I have passed you many times heading up the road by Lubnaig and up through Glen Ogle ,, i noticed the bike as my friend had one who passed his test down at JAs in sunny Falkirk . Just looking at some previous pics you had posted and i remembered that day at the green welly stop ,, i had pulled in for a coffee when i got talking to the guy with the Duke desmo in your pic ,, i was the guy with the GS that pulled in ,, i was heading on up the road to do the loop

Keep up the great thread pal ,, the spring cant come quick enough ,, my arse is making buttons to get out on some dry tarmac for my anual jaunts around scotland/ north of england and if you fancy getting out for a run or two give me yell ,, all the best jm

Nut, no test. I'm absolutely skint at the moment though so I'm trying to resolve that situation before I go spending 100+ on the test. Hopefully soon. I'm thinking I should probably just sell the Suzuki now since I won't be using it once I pass.

Nice bike! Still looks too shiny though!

Yeah a couple of days of sunshine and talking to folk here has ramped up the excitement of getting back out. Won't be long.

Originally Posted by DustyRags View Post
Great thread, Matt! I hit Scotland as a hitchhiker and train-bound tourist about a decade ago, and have been itching to go back ever since. Glorious country.
Heh, I'd actually quite like to see Scotland by train. Though I think I'd like the idea better than the reality. I like the idea of sitting back as the scenery went past you. Last time I was on a northern train however it was cramped and uncomfortable. That was a seven hour journey as well. Hellish.

Actually screw that, I'll stick with the bike.

Going back to something Trackrider said; If anyone sees me out and about and wants to chat or say hello feel free to come over. Or toot your horn when you go past if you can't be bothered stopping!
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