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Update #1

So here is the plan:

1. Get the bike from Ushuaia to Puerto Natales by 8p on Monday, February 18th to load my bike on the Navimag ferry to Puerto Montt. Given that my bike still operates, albeit I'm not sure for how many more km, I am going to try and get a truck in Ushuaia--either rental or hitch hike--to first Rio Grande, then San Sebastian, then Punta Arenas, then Puerto Natales. If I have to ride my bike for given legs I will--and hopefully the bearing will not completely fail. I just flat don't know how long this bearing is going to last.

2. Once I get my bike to Puerto Natales, I will order the bearing from BMW Santiago and have it shipped to Puerto Montt (probably the ferry terminal).

3. While my bike and I are on the boat for 4-5 days, hopefully the bearing will arrive in Puerto Montt.

4. Once I (and hopefully the bearing) get to Puerto Montt, I will ride my bike to a place to swap the bearing. I know the swap out process, as I've done it before, so I just would need to find a shop with the big allen socket, a big socket to break the lock nuts, a heat gun, a bearing puller and a freezer. I should be able to do everything from there.

5. With the bearing swapped out, I will continue to Santiago--and then get my bike and body shipped back to the US (as was the plan).

The above plan is 100% contingent on getting myself and my bike to Puerto Natales by 8p on Monday (tomorrow). So that's my mission for the next 2 days. I'm totally stranded in Ushuaia (at this point), so I need to get out.

If anyone can help me with a truck between Ushuaia and Puerto Natales, please shoot me a note.

Thanks to everyone for their help! I really appreciate it!!!!
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