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Great to be able to accompany the boys on this leg. We spent Friday night holed up in the state forest around Wellington Dam, and last night near Walpole. Found a good short cut from Northcliffe to near Walpole in Chesapeake rd, remember that one. Walpole aptly renamed 'whale-pole' see the pic posted of Gundy in the bar and you will know why. Quite a bit of tar, but the boys got to take in some of the famous southwest tourist spots on the way. I left them in Albany this morning where it was pissing down. Grog and Alan were stopping at Bremmar bay to camp for a week with their mate, and Phil and Gundy aiming for Israelite bay, but looks like the smell of a good steak at Congdinup pub drew them in and that's where they are tonight. The rain should make the beach riding easy tomorrow!

I test rode Gundys tiger, and really enjoyed it!! That motor is just so much fun and doesn't it scream! Whoo hoo! Twist it in any gear and it just keeps on giving. Suspension is a bit soft, but still works well, bottomed a bit hitting foot deep potholes at 80km/h, but way better than the stock suspension on the 660 Tenere I used to have. Really comfortable cruising in dirt or on the tar. Brakes have great feel and awesome stopping power, better than the 990 in that dept. I barely noticed the weight of Gundy's gear on the back, really nice balance. My 990 is a bit more composed at higher speeds in the dirt, it just works, and quicker (Gundy and I had a drag)....but you know I reckon the Tiger is more fun, ......and I think Gundy agrees - as he says, its the kind of bike you could cruise to work on every day, then adventure tour on, on the weekends, best of both worlds. Really impressed how well these two have held together too, 40000 Kms of being flogged, everything still intact with just routine maintenance Phil tells me. Wish I had a bigger shed!! One of these is now on the wish list! Destined to be a classic, it's the modern day AT I reckon. Good one Triumph!
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