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Originally Posted by VooDooDaddy View Post
Yeah, sorry 'bout that. Sometimes my reading comprehension ain't too good. I was thinking about doing the big bore and the stage 2 cam, but I think I'll just do like you and do the 790 kit first, and then maybe sometime this summer swap out the cam.
Originally Posted by VooDooDaddy View Post
Couple questions: Why did you change the placement of the carb needle. I know you mentioned your carb was set pretty lean; did you guess at that change or did PC recommend a different setting. I've got jetted stock carb and open airbox, and my bike runs great. I'm just trying to anticipate if I should plan on making some jetting changes ahead of time?
Are you running a stock or over-size header? From the pix it looks like a stocker.
The only thing different I plan to do on my build up is to do a base-line dyno run of what I have now, and then another dyno run after to see the difference each modifications makes. There is a dealership with a dyno 7 miles from my house. They also use an exhaust gas analyser, so I can see if I need to make some carb/jetting changes as well.
Thanks again, you pushed me over the edge on this one....

That's also my plan for the cam, probably next winter. I'll probably do the stage 2 as well. I just want to ride and this snow is killin me!!!!!!! We just got another inch last night.

As for the carb: When I did the Hayabusa muffler I had to change my set up to accommodate it. My first ride at 50mph+ I couldn't go full throttle without a major bog. I went with one step up on both the main jet and the pilot jet. I left the needle in the 2nd notch down. Went riding, and it worked well, all around better acceleration and nice sound. I felt good till I got to the pump. 42 mpg. This was a 6 mpg drop. Could be the colder weather, winter gas, or riding harder, never-the-less, I never see mileage that low. So I did some research and read that If I raise the clip a notch, I can get better mileage. I also changed the pilot jet back to the stock setup from procycle. I did that but I noticed on some rides I would have a surging at 30-40 mph. I also adjusted the fuel screw on the lean side, and starting was pretty hard. (one of the reasons it wouldn't start right away)

When I got this kit all together and started it, I let it idle for a while at a higher rpm, and I noticed my header was glowing red. I read that this was a symptom of being too lean. So I put the clip back to its original position and left the jets alone. I adjusted the fuel screw as well to 2 turns out. Now is seems fine, and only time and some riding will tell if it's okay... and that brings us back to the original problem.. this snow needs to melt!!!!!!!

I'm really interested to see the mileage I get with this kit now…
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