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Originally Posted by craigincali View Post
Am I the only one who thinks the Asrects Medical people are a joke? Over the past 3 years they done some really stupid crap and have not learned from it. Bell was KTFO and took a pretty blow to the head. No neck brace? He obviously had a ALOC when he "walked away on his own power" according to the boradcasters. Then they let him race again in teh LCQ? WTF, sure he raced well but where is the safety concern for the rider? Do they do x-rays at the track? Do they have a Neurologist at the races too?

Remeber when JS7 crashed at Daytona and they helped him back on teh bike when he was obviously knocked silly?

What a joke.
they're fucking moron's who think they are part of the race. x rays? why bother? pick him up like a sack of potato's and run around with him you don't need to worry about stabilizing people who've just been subjected to a high impact trauma. they are in a word inept and really do behave as if they are an active part of the competition. dipshits.
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