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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
I too got it mainly for the huge display vs. my 60CSx and will largely use it for tracks but wanted to learn how to do routes as well with CNNANT.

For routing I've learned enough that for me I can live with any routing limitations it may have (and I've never used a Zumo to have any expectations beforehand). As I've just learned, BaseCamp is nice for making your route quickly and adding Via Points until you like it, then saving it as a track for use on Montana. I plan on also saving it in Direct activity profile in BaseCamp then transfer it for use on the Montana in a Non-Direct mode, which is handy for things like "Miles to Destination" and "Time to Destination" along with guided turns. So like others I will use Tracks but also Routes at the same time.

But from what I gather, if you want to do tracks you want a Montana because only a Zumo 66x can do it. Tracks will always display accurately as there is no calculations made on the Montana that could alter the track display. If you only care about routing then it may be a harder decision and I don't know enough to compare (see Montana or Zumo thread).

So you may think that all my detailed comments and questions imply it is complicated and I don't like it but no actually I was just trying to understand it all and I think routing is pretty clear to me now and so far I don't find it limiting.

Like anything else your satisfaction is a matter of your expectations, and what you are used to already. And there may be things that are annoying even for tracks vs. the 60CSx but just to have a big bright screen is enough reason for me to love it, honestly!
Tracks are pretty straightforward. I mean a 5 YO can figure them out considering they're nothing more then the digital equivalent of tracing/drawing lines on a paper map.

The Montana works well enough on my dual sport rides and I can live with it's limitations. But it does leave me with having to hang onto the Zumo for my street riding.

I'm just waiting for the day Google decides to kick Garmin to the curve and bring out a real does it all GPS with REAL software. With them opening up brick and mortar stores now I can see this as a distinct possibility.
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