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My moto is still in the shop here in Guatemala City. I was told last Tuesday that they would put Priority on it since I was on a three month moto tour, but I have not yet seen any priority. Wednesday, I was told that their computer could not find the problem, because of the electrical accessories I have added to the moto. I immediately told them that I could dis-connect everything in 20 nor 30 minutes, but they did not want me to do that, but said it would take MANY hours to find the bad wire. They also said at that time that the moto was running fine now, but that they could not guarantee its reliability. They had determined that it was not the Halls Sensor or the Moronic and had balanced the throttle bodies and maybe adjusted the throttle position senor, I am not sure about the sensor.. Friday, I was told that it could be Tuesday before it was ready and I again suggested that I dis-connect the accessories, but only received a response that the wires were very delicate. Saturday, the shop manager was not there or not available, but I was told by someone else that it would be Tuesday before it was ready. I was also told it was being worked on 100% of the time. I have been in the shop area twice, neither time was anyone working on my moto. Seems a bit strange to me that you can have someone working 100% on a moto supposedly looking for a single bad wire and predict on Friday that it will not be ready till the following Tuesday and that is after working on it for over two days. I am sure that they will fix my moto, I suspect it may have already been fixed and is just sitting in the shop accumulating LABOR hours, but of course I don't know this for sure and I certainly cannot prove it, so all I can say with certainty is that I am not at all comfortable with the communication I am having with BMW Guatemala City.

Hoping to be on the road soon.
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