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It's for the LED running lights I'm gonna mount on the crashbars. I make sure I have extra lights on all my bikes, rear brake flashing hyperlights, and front running lights.. Lately I've been using those 10W LED running lights; kinda pricey, but they definitely help make you visible. I'm not so concerned with lighting up the road on this bike as I am with making sure other folks see me before they turn in front of me. At less than an amp draw each, they may not really need a relay, but this way I can run battery power directly to them thru the relay rather than picking up 12v someplace that might not like being loaded down. I'm a little unsure how much to trust the alternator output on this bike. I'll also probably use the same relay output to run a voltmeter; makes me feel more comfy seeing the voltage I expect rather than wondering what's going on in the electrics. roy
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