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Day twenty nine: 2-13-13
Finally crossed the border today into Guatemala!

The border crossing wasnít to bad and only took us like two hours. The ride into Guatemala was beautiful. After you cross the border you go through a huge canyon with giant sheer cliffs.

The road was in fairly poor condition but we managed to slow down a bit and get to Huehuetanango. The town seemed a bit nicer, well Guatemala in general seems a lot nicer than Mexico, so far. It seems like the people here are dressed a little nicer and the economy seems a little more vibrant. We once again drove around town looking for a place to stay before deciding on a hotel that cost about 25 bucks and was pretty nice.

Day thirty: 2-14-13
The ride to Antigua was pretty cool. It was, for the most part, a brand new two lane road that rose up to about 9500 feet before dropping back down to Antigua. It was very windy but not to sharp so you could take the corners at 60mph and have fun but not waste too much time. We pulled into Antigua and found a hostel for 8 bucks a piece and hit the town.

I managed to find a bottle of Jack Daniels and before long had to go back to the hostel as I was in no condition to be stumbling around making an ass of myself. Donít remember when I got to bed but I woke up at the right place and after a quick check of the wallet realized I didnít even spend much. Awesome.

Day thirty one: 2-15-13
We looked around town most of the morning at language schools and decided on one just down the street. Andrews mother was very generous to put us up in a really nice hotel for seven days and we checked in around 2.

We have decided to try and move our boat to Columbia back two weeks so we can stay here an extra week and gain an extra week in Costa Rica and Panama. We called the company and Iím still waiting for a reply so hopefully that works out. This will make my adventure in South America a little shorter so I might have to dip out before Argentina. But Iím perfectly fine with that. Iím way more into enjoying the countries Iím crossing than just flying through countries just to say Iíve been there. And I wouldnít mind being back by June first either to start working again. We will see I guess. We also met up with a guy from catours that runs motorcycle tours. He told us he just bought a new bike and wanted to break it in and that he would take us on some off road ride on Tuesday for free! Awesome. And while I was sitting outside the hotel I met one of the many ladies selling handmade textiles. After trying to get me to buy some of her stuff and realizing I wasnít going to we sat on the curb and talked for a bit. Along with her mother and aunt she uses a loom to make the fabric and then sews purses and backpacks and scarves and such. She comes to town from her village twice a month to peddel her stuff to tourists. I helped her sell a bunch of stuff to some tourists and she gave me a backpack that I kinda had my eye on for about four bucks.

I forgot her name but she was pretty cool and spoke pretty good English.
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