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Originally Posted by vtbob View Post
Has any one on this site looked closely and the new rotor/flywheel? Have that added any "fins" or other devices on in to improve air flow/circulation / cooling.
On the original design the air surounding the stator was effectively trapped there - the only passage was the gap between the rotor and stator and then between the rotor and the outer case.There might have been some air movement due to hot air rising, but significent.

With the addition of the holes added to the new rotor there will now be turbulance which will cause air movement around the stator and within the entire cavity. This circulation will provide much more cooling because the heated air will be in contact with the entire casing instead of the small area next to the rotor.

This change was enough to convince me to replace the rotor as well as the stator. I expect it to be the last stator I replace thanks to the improved cooling.
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