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I have a plastic welding kit from Urethane supply company. The kit is pretty complete, and comes with a couple of interchangeable tips, different rods for different plastics, a temperature control for the welder, and the most important accessory of all, a really complete instruction guide. You can achieve good results, what I would call structural results, if you know what you are doing in advance and have the right tools and the right materials. You can imbed additional structural material such as a wire mesh into your material to give it added strength. In fact I just used it yesterday to repair a plastic mount for a drawer slide in my kitchen. It wasn't pretty, but gave me the satisfaction of fixing it myself, plus I saved a trip to the hardware store along with a few bucks, I'm pretty sure I'll never have to mess with it again, it's stronger than the original because I used wire mesh to reinforce it. As in anything worth doing, there is a learning curve involved. Your first efforts might not be what you'd hope for, but give it a shot and learn a new skill. Be careful though, because if your buddies find out you can plastic weld you might end up getting a lot of phone calls to fix fairings and fenders and the like. YMMV
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